So the site is active and members are coming in and registering their Eribas!! It’s fantastic, and I hope is directory continues to grow and grow.

I have begun working on the Owners Club medallion, that will be uniquely numbered and available in a deluxe membership pack. It will be the pride and joy of Deluxe Membership and accompanied by the certificate and stickers.

The deluxe membership pack will cost €50 for a lifetime and includes lots of other goodies like merchandise and discounts on the ERIBASTUFF store.

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase the Deluxe Membership, basic directory membership will always be free. But I hope you’ll consider upgrading.

The lifetime membership covers the cost of your profile, medallion and pack and I think it’s a cool justifiable addition to your Eriba. You’ll acquire your unique membership number that you can keep forever or pass on with your caravan – another page to your Eriba life story.

You can purchase a Deluxe Membership now to reserve your individual number. medallions begin at EOC00002

If you have any questions at all I am more than happy to answer them you can email me

Speak soon


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