You are an eriba enthusiast, a lover of retro caravans. You are here because you care about preserving the history of Eriba.

Firstly welcome along to an “Eriba Owners Club” for everyone that stays with the caravan through the rest of its life. A detailed and heartwarming history of your caravan that will live forever.

Membership is and will always be FREE. Feel free to add your profile and caravan. Everyone who is registered in 2020 will be given the opportunity to grab a discounted deluxe member’s pack at a later date.

Eventually I will offer a deluxe membership package to everyone that includes lots of cool things including a numbered Eriba Club medallion. A lot like the old RAC membership grille badges you used to get.

The Deluxe Membership Pack will include:
Profile + Access to the Eriba Club social network FOREVER
Unique Numbered Club Medallion
Certificate of Club Registration
Set of Stickers & Pin Badges

Cost of deluxe lifetime membership will be €50

New owners pay an update fee on an existing medallion (if the previous owner passed it on), alternatively if you require a new medallion, the standard membership fee applies for registration and a new membership pack is issued with a new unique membership number.

Each owner creates a profile on the Eriba Club social network. Along with the name of the caravan during the period of ownership + model and age etc

I think it’s important to preserve this kind of information as classic Eribas become more rare and ownership changes over the years..

Won’t it be great to have a searchable history of our Eribas? I’m quite excited about it.

Darren @zukipuck


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